Islamic Day Friday’s

From 14TH June 2024 its going to be Islamic day every Friday’s, Fasting, praying and Teelawat all day.

Sehri ends one hour before sunrise Friday Morning

Morning sleep max 4 hours

Wake up and do Teelawat before Jumuah

Pray 4 Rakat Nafl Extra Fajr,Jumuah,Asr,Maghrib,Isha   NOT Optional MUST Pray

Every Friday’s fasting will be 48 fast in 1 year

Every Friday Fasting in 1 year it will be 1 Ramadan

30 Years =30 Ramadan

No Stopping in between otherwise you will need to start again From day 1

(Fasted for 6 months and did not fast 1 Friday You will have to Start again)

After 48 week of fasting rest for 4 weeks then fasting will begin  again on the  following week

You must pray for 4 weeks when there is no fasting

Eid ul Fitr would be on a Saturday after end of 48 fast

What we will lose?

We will lose the yearly month Ramadan (Its Now weekly)

No more weekly  Prayers ONLY Friday’s

Zuhr prayer

Hajj  ( Umrah all year round)

Taraweeh (Read Quran Before Jumuah complete by 48 fast)

Eid ul Adha

This year is the last month Ramadan

Start Date (Monday Morning)

Sehri ends 11 March 2024

Yearly Ramadan will begin from

14 JUNE 2024

Every Friday’s

Allah Is Here    (GOD)